Convenient way to fill Map Value assertion
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Convenient way to fill Map Value assertion


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If we have to enter a large amount of map entities in the  fill Map Value assertion using the UI is cumbersome and time consuming .

Is there any  more convenient way to load the mapping from a file in any format like csv, json, xml etc. instead of filling up Map Value Assertion manually via Map Value Properties and adding Mappings ?



Release : 9.x

Component : API Gateway


There is no import function for the map assertion itself to load the mappings.

As a workaround you can :

  • create a dummy policy
  • add the map assertion to it
  • add some sample mappings
  • export the policy to xml
  • Check the created xml
  • add your mappings to the xml in the mappings section
  • import the dummy policy again
  • copy the map assertion from the dummy policy to your policy