can we put jobs on_ice or on_hold before brining the scheduler up
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can we put jobs on_ice or on_hold before brining the scheduler up


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Is there any option, to place the jobs on ice or on hold before bringing the scheduler up?

Or any option where jobs do not run when the scheduler is brought up other than global auto hold?



Release : 11.3.6 / 12.x

Component : CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)


With the scheduler stopped there is no supported way to change a jobs status to on_ice or on_hold.

You can start the scheduler in global hold mode.
That puts all jobs on hold that attempt to start.

Another option if you are concerned with only jobs that include date/time conditions would be, with the application server up and running, to resave job definitions before restarting the scheduler in its normal mode.
A resaving of the job definition (update_job via jil) causes AutoSys to delete any existing startjob events for that job and re-schedule it for its next future start time.


if jobX has
date_conditions: 1
days_of_week: fr
start_times: 13\:00
And the scheduler was stopped last Thursday night.
It was kept down until the following week Wednesday.
If we look at the ujo_event table we will see a unprocessed STARTJOB event for that job from last week Friday.
If we start the scheduler it will execute it.
But if we resave the job, the STARTJOB event from last week friday will be deleted and a new startjob will be written with a future time, for this coming Friday.

Again this only impact jobs with date_conditions.

Jobs that have just conditional dependencies like condition: s(job123) would not be prevented from running based on some older or new event coming in.


The scheduler when it was shutdown had a success event it was about to process for job123 but it did not get to it.
If we restart the scheduler now, several days later, autosys will process the success event for job123 and kick of any of the jobs that depended on it, eventhough the success was from last week Thursday.