Sorting Parameterized Lookup defined WITHOUT a NULL Clause does not work in Classic and Modern


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1. Log in as an administrator and go into Classic Studio 

2. Administration Lookups

     Create a copy of the Lookup Query from 'Idea and Project Category Parameterized Lookup' and modify it by removing the NULL Clause

     Create a new Lookup with a similar name such as 'Idea and Project Param without IS NULL Clause'

3. Administration Objects

     Go to Project Object and create a new attribute

     Attribute name = Project Category NO NULL

     Select the new parameterized lookup

     Set the API Attribute ID value so it will show up on Modern UX

4. CLASSIC UX - Add all 3 fields to the Project List View and the Filter Section

     Project Type (constraint field)

     Project Category (parameterized field with NULL Clause)

     Project Category NO NULL (parameterized field WITHOUT NULL Clause)

5. Look at the 'Lookup Mappings' for these fields and understand which parameterized values should appear based on the selected constraint value

6. In the Project List, be sure you have rows of data with saved values for all 3 fields. 

     Click the Header Name for the parameterized lookup fields  

     As expected, the stock 'Project Category' field sorts the data as expected - by the name of the saved value 

     Unexpected: the new field WITHOUT NULL Clause does NOT sort as expected 

7. MODERN UX - repeat steps 4 - 6


Expected Results: In BOTH Classic & Modern UX -The parameterized lookup WITHOUT NULL Clause should sort rows by the name of the saved value.  

Actual Results: In BOTH Classic & Modern UX - The parameterized lookup WITHOUT NULL Clause is not sorting the data as expected.  


This is caused by DE51792


Release: Any PPM release

Component: Studio


This is not a bug and is working as design

Additional Information

Operations like filtering and sorting are not instance level operations. So, they do not have the context of a particular project. This is why the parameter doesn't get passed in the above mentioned queries.