Jobtrac requires fix SO10751 for year 2020 to avoid terminating with U0203 abend on Jan 1st


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CA Jobtrac


Various programs in Jobtrac that convert STCK TOD time stamps have logic that only worked until the end of 2019.  These routines now invoke the IBM CONVTOD and STCKCONV macros so they will work with all STCK values.     Without  fix SO10751, Jobtrac will terminate with a  U0203 abend in the year 2020 or higher                                      


Release : 11.0

Component : JOBTRAC


There is no workaround.  PTF SO10751  MUST be  installed  for  Jobtrac to work in the year 2020 and higher.    If the fix is not on and the Jobtrac started task is executing as it rolls over from 12/31/2019 to 01/01/2020, Jobtrac will terminate with the U0203 abend at 00:01.  If the Jobtrac started task is started without the fix on, it will run for one hour before terminating with the U0203 the first time only.  Afterwards Jobtrac will terminate with the U0203 abend right away on every start.  To install this PTF, you must copy the changed load modules to your target system and either IPL or use the procedure below:                                   


    1) F LLA,REFRESH   (if LNKLST is used)                                                    

    2) F Jobtrac,BACK                                          

    3) S JOBTRAC                                                        


You can use this command if Jobtrac is not up: S VINITx,PARM=BACK .  After successful completion of this command start the Jobtrac started task.      

If the Jobtrac load library is not in the LNKLST, you must ensure  that the STEPLIB used by the Jobtrac Started Task, all batch  Jobtrac utility jobs and TSO users have the updated modules. The primary date routine is GJTRSQLT which must have a module date of "20191107 17.07" or higher.    

As always, please contact Broadcom support for Jobtrac Job Management if you have further questions.