Devices in CAPM are appearing as pingables


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


Devices in CAPM are appearing as pingables


Release : 3.7

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


1) Do the devices appear on our certified devices page:

2) Is there an SNMP profile configured in CAPC that should match the SNMP credentials needed for these devices?

3) Can the devices be walked from the data collector using sapwalk and the credentials from the SNMP profile in CAPC?:

On CAPM 3.6 or later, sapwalk is already installed on each Data Collector at:


Note that your exact path may vary if you did not install the Data Collector in the default location.

If needed, sapwalk2 can be downloaded from:

Log in using:

Username: Anonymous

Password: <yourEmailAddress>

Here is some example syntax:

sapwalk2 -i <ip> -v v2c -s 1.3.6 -c <community> -o device_mib.walk

Usage: sapwalk2

         -i  ip_address

         -v  snmp_version(v1/v2c/v3)

         -s  startoid

         <-c  community for v1/v2c           >

         <-u  username  for v3               >

         <-l  seclevel  (nAnP/AnP/AP) for v3 >

         [-xt auth type (MD5/SHA) for v3     ]

         [-xa auth password for v3           ]

         [-xp priv password for v3           ]

         [-xn ctxtname  for v3               ]

         [-xe priv type (DES/3DES/AES128/AES192/AES256)for v3  ]

         [-xi ctxtid    for v3 (will discover if not specified)]

         [-e  engineid  for v3 (will discover if not specified)]

         [-t  timeout(msec)                  ]

         [-r  retries                        ]

         [-f  compare (0/1)                  ]

         [-p  snmpport                       ]

         [-d  sleep_bet_req(msec)            ]

         [-m  maxlexerrors                   ]

         [-z  samples:delay_in_msec:<oidfile> for ratecomputation of counter/gauge variables]

         [-o  walkoutput filename            ]

         [-n  max num of variables to learn  ]

         [-xf filename containing oids to be excluded(one per line) ]

         [-xr guestimate max rows            ]

         [-xs source ip                      ]

         [-xy source endpoint (port)         ]

         [-xv bridge / or vlanstartoid for auto vlan learn]

         [-xl save timestamps (0/1)          ]

         [-xz timestamp threshold (def=10sec)

         [-b  getbulk flag (0/1)             ]

If so, create a discovery profile that contains the IP of the device and run that discovery.
It should update the device from a pingable to an SNMP device.