Resource adaptor job failing with Error: HTTP response code 502 for URL & Premature end of file.


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Adapters are Packaged Work Products (PWPs) which are provided to customers along with CA PPM product. These are developed by GD team.

The adapters are executed through job(s) that sends bulk amount of XOG requests to the Server/ OD portal. Resource adaptor jobs have failed with below mentioned error while executing the adaptor jobs:

“ Server returned HTTP response code: 502 for URL:”


  •          When the server accidentally goes to a unresponsive state, the job requests reaching the server during that time frame will get 502 status. This causes the jobs to fail.

  •          In addition to above, as per the RCA of SaaS, the server has load balancing techniques that quickly routes all the requests to the active server node. However, adapter jobs are currently unable to handle the node switch. Hence, if there is a batch of 500 XOG requests to the server then at 250th request the server goes to unresponsive state, which results to the failure of whole batch. Neither job processes the previous records nor does it proceed to the next record to continue the execution.


Ca PPM Version : 15.6 and 15.7

Application: CA PPM 

PWP Component: Resource Adapter


  • Workaround


If the situation persists for a longer duration, it is suggested to wait for 90 to 120 minutes from the last failed job instance and re-try. In case, if job continues to give 502 error, please create a ticket with SaaS team to check the availability of server.


  • Fix


Reach out to PWP support team for the latest framework upgrade.

Additional Information

It is recommended to apply the workaround as soon as the issue is encountered, in case of consecutive failure please go ahead for the fix.