Identity Access Manager Service not staying up.


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Identity Access Manager Service exited shortly after having been started. 

The server.log and log folder also not been created in the IdentityAccessManager\standalone\ folder.

When started as the application from command prompt gave below error:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Error replacing plain text passwords in


The error from the command prompt shows that it was not able to edit file. Examining the properties of file, it was found that it has been marked "read-only".


Release : 10.5

Component : CA Application Test


Starting from file move up the folder structure to make sure nothing under <DevTest_Home> folder is marked "read-only". One way to do that is to uncheck the read-only option for <DevTest_Home> folder and select the option to apply the change to all sub-folders and files. 

After above step, IAM service started fine able to access IAM console.