How to change hostname of DevTest specific Virtual Service


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Currently, we are using {ip address}:{portnumber} as back end url for virtual services. Now for one of the virtual services we have a new requirement that a new host ( is to be used in place of old one {ip address}. Is that be possible from DevTest?


Release : 10.x

Component : CA Service Virtualization


It is not possible to change the hostname linked to the virtual service separately as it is picked up from the VSE component in which it is deployed. 

As long as the hostname came can be resolved to the destination host where Virtual Service is deployed, you should be able to hit the service using the new hostname. 

Note: The below suggestion is not part of product support but our efforts to try and help as much as we can. If it doesn't help them I would request you to please get in touch with your account manager to involve the Services team.

However, assuming {ip address} is the machine where VSE is running, as workaround suggestion which I could think of and find online is as below:

- In the client machines, update the host file with below entry. 

{ip address}

- In the VSE machine({ip address}) if the is no application running on port 80 then execute below command. 

netsh interface portproxy add v4tov4 listenport=80 listenaddress={ip address} connectport={portnumber} connectaddress={ip address}

Then you should be able to access the Virtual Service running on "https://{ip address}:{portnumber}/"using ""