How to switch from live system to virtual service after service creation


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I have created virtual service using WSDL and deployed service to VSE server. 


1- How to switch from Real service to Virtualized service.

2 - Can this switch happen automatically . If the real service is down , it should detect automatically and switch to the virtual service.

3- Once the Real service is running fine , we would like to reverse the switch back.




Release : 10.5.1

Component : CA Service Virtualization


  To invoke the deployed virtual service (HTTP wsdl), at application end, you need to change end point URL pointing to VSE service. So that, requests from application will hit to VSE service url.

    As I explained, services deployed in VSE are in "Most efficient" mode. Which means response will be returned from the service. If you want to forward the request to live service and get live response, you need to change invocation mode to "Live invocation". You can also use "Failover" mode based on your requirement. 

Additional Information

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