Unable to login and getting SMAUTHREASON=38


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Login fails with user being returned to the login screen with SMAUTHREASON=38 in the URL. No real indication of why this is occurring in the policy server logs, we can see the user being authenticated against the user directory ok.





Could query user directory with no problem. Users failing to log in were found.

SMAUTHREASON=38 can occur when login tracking is enabled, because the policy server will not autheticate users if it is not able to update login tracking information into the password blob.

If customer turned off Track successful logins and Track failed logins (See: https://techdocs.broadcom.com/content/broadcom/techdocs/us/en/ca-enterprise-software/layer7-identity-and-access-management/single-sign-on/12-8/using/administrative-ui/password-services-dialog-reference/expiration-tab.html) then it worked.

Checked file space on the user directory server (CA Directory), but that was fine.

Checked the CA Directory logs and there were many Filespace Exhausted errors.

Increased the dxgrid-db-size size:

Steps to extend the size of the DXgrid datastore

To extend the size of the DXgrid data store, use the dxextenddb tool and follow these steps:

1. Shutdown the DSA. 

2. Edit the dxgrid-db-size parameter within the DSA's initialization file (DXHOME/config/servers/{dsaName.dxi})

3. Run "dxextenddb {dsaName}".

4. Restart the DSA.

See: https://techdocs.broadcom.com/content/broadcom/techdocs/us/en/ca-enterprise-software/layer7-identity-and-access-management/directory/14-1/administrating/troubleshooting-ca-directory/detecting-the-space-usage-of-dxgrid-datastore.html

And all is well.