MSP: "The last time you opened 'ProjectID' it caused a serious error" when attempting to open a project from Clarity


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When opening a project from Clarity PPM to Microsoft Project (MSP), see error: "The last time you opened 'ProjectID' it caused a serious error. Do you still want to open it?"


This error is a warning due to the last time the project being opened there was an issue that caused MSP to crash, hang, or stop responding.


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  1. If this is the first you've seen this message, click Yes and see if the project now opens successfully in case there was a one time event that caused the issue. 
  2. If the project still doesn't open, check the symptoms after clicking Yes to the message. Examples of symptoms to check for: 
  • Does opening hang at any of the following steps (message will appear at the bottom right hand of MSP if using the new driver):
            - Writing to XML

            - Opening to XML

            - Connecting to PPM

            - somewhere else in the opening process

  • Is there any error message after clicking yes to the first error message?  
  • Does the XML generate, if so, how much of the XML loads (does it hang in time phased data, does it get to the end of the project (There's a </Project>)
  • Does the MPP file generate?

        These symptoms will help more in pointing to the cause and solution.

      3. Based on any additional symptoms observed, see the following KB to see if your issue is a match for any of the list of known issues that may cause this issue documented in 

KB: 138671 -  Issues opening one or more projects in MSP from Clarity PPM - List of Known KBs

Note: Even after applying a fix that is causing this issue, you may still see this error the first time the project is opened after the fix is applied. Click Yes to open the project. 

Additional Information

For help on other known MSP Issues, see the following KBs:

  • KB: 15956 - CA PPM and MSP integration known defects - Support Technical Document Index
  • KB: KB000071385 - CA PPM and MSP integration - Support Technical Document Index
  • KB: 138671 - List of Clarity PPM KB articles related to issues opening projects in MSP