NFA Recommended Timeouts for Large Enviornments


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


While using NFA you may run into backend timeouts that could cause sync issues between the NFA Console and the NFA Harvester / Performance Center.


1. x:\CA\NFA\DBUsers\ReporterAnalyzer.ini

     a. Change all 90 second timeout values to 90000


2. x:\CA\NFA\REPORTER\NetQoS.ReporterAnalyzer.ManagerService\bin\ReporterManagerService.exe.config

     a. For binding name="CollectorWsImplPortBinding"change:

            i. sendTimeout="00:01:00" to sendTimeout="00:10:00"

            ii. maxBufferSize=" 10000000" to maxBufferSize="1000000000"

            iii. maxReceivedMessageSize="10000000" to maxReceivedMessageSize="1000000000"


     b. For binding name="PollerWsImplPortBinding" change:

            i. sendTimeout="00:01:00" to sendTimeout="00:40:00"

            ii. maxBufferSize="100000000" to maxBufferSize="1000000000"

            iii. maxReceivedMessageSize="100000000" to maxReceivedMessageSize="1000000000"


3. x:\CA\NFA\REPORTER\NetQoS.ReporterAnalyzer.WebSite\Web.config

      a. For binding name="CollectorWsImplPortBinding" change:

              i. sendTimeout="00:01:00" to sendTimeout="00:10:00" 

      b. For binding name="PollerWsImplPortBinding" change:

            i. maxBufferSize="1000000" to maxBufferSize="100000000"

            ii. maxReceivedMessageSize="1000000" to maxReceivedMessageSize="100000000" 


4. x:\CA\NFA\REPORTER\NetQoS.ReporterAnalyzer.WebService\Web.config

     a. For <system.web> change:

              i. executionTimeout="900" to executionTimeout="90000"


5. x:\CA\NFA\REPORTER\NetQoS.ReporterAnalyzer.WebService\bin\ NetQoS.ReporterAnalyzer.WebService.dll.config

     a. For <system.web> change:

              i. executionTimeout="900" to executionTimeout="90000"


6. Go to Internet Information Services > Click on the Server name under 'Start Page'.

     a. Then click on the ASP feature.

     b.  Services > Session Properties > Time-out

     c. Set this value to 01:20:00 and then click 'Apply' on the right hand side.