CA 7 to UUJMA jobs stuck in RDY queue
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CA 7 to UUJMA jobs stuck in RDY queue


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Unicenter Job Management Option


Jobs in CA 7 to UUJMA are getting struck in the ready queue.


When you have a job stuck in the ready queue that means a job was sent to the agent and no response has been received back. 

So there may have been corruption of the check point on the agent or CCI issue on the agent communicating with the mainframe 

The job status is stored in the agents checkpoint file, when a job starts there is a JOBINIT record and when a job completes there is a JOBTERMU record.


 The manager will do a "checkpoint" with the agent, what that is basically the manager saying "Hey, last time I talk to you was this date/time, send me

 everything that happened since then" and the agent sends the JOBINIT and JOBTERM records and job status gets updated.


Recycling of the agent may correct the issue


Deleting or renaming the checkpoint  file. By default, checkpoint files reside in the following


    Unix: $CAIGLBL0000/tmp/hostname/ckp2_hostname

If checkpoint file on UUJMA becomes corrupted it can cause jobs to set in a RDY queue or not send updated information to CA7.  In this case, it can be deleted/renamed using the following procedure:

 1. Stop Workload:

        Windows: C:\>unicntrl stop sch

        Unix: # unishutdown sche

                 # kill -9 <cau9en2_pid> (if it is still running)

   2. Rename or delete the checkpoint file.

   3. Restart Workload:

        Windows: C:\>unicntrl start sch

        Unix: # unistart sch

 As soon as Workload Agent starts up, a new checkpoint file will be created.