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Is Endevor 18.1 an Incremental Release or Continuous Delivery Release


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Is Endevor 18.1 going to be an incremental release or Continuous delivery 


Release: 18.1



After the CA Endevor Version 18.0 incremental update 12 (18.0.12), Endevor has transitioned from an Incremental Release model to a Continuous Delivery (CD) release model. The CD model provides new product features as individual PTFs, separate from product fixes providing more flexibility to select which service stream elements you want to apply. You are not required to apply all new features in the CD release model; however, we strongly recommend that you stay current with new features and maintenance. SMP/E dependencies still apply when selectively applying maintenance. For more information on Continuous Delivery:

Please be aware the CA Endevor 18.0.12 will be maintenance only - no enhancements will be delivered.