System health showing failed for multiple components in CAPM


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After rebooting the CAPM server machines (CAPC, DA, DC & DR) all processes are restarted as per:
Sometimes, everything appears to stop and start as expected, with the data repository up and running and the collectors "appear" to be running ok (service shows running), and the DA "appears" to be ok (service shows running).  However, when logging into CAPC, System Status shows the Data Aggregator (DA) with "Unable to Contact" with both it and the Data Collector/s (DC) showing "failed".


CAPM 3.6.x and later


Checked the DA as the karaf.log was very small.

Check the processes using:

ps -ef | grep -i activemq.jar

If there are 2 activemq processes running, then shut down the dadaemon, activemq and if necessary, kill the still running activemq process. Then restart activemq and the dadaemon as per normal. Then restart the DC's.