Unable to Delete Custom User Role from Locater or CLI in DSS Environment


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CA eHealth CA Spectrum


I created a custom user role for documentation.  I tried many times to delete it using the Privilege Role Locater Search.  It did not get removed from the list when deleting and refreshing.

I cycled the SS and OneClick and it remained.

I ultimately had to use the search by model_handle to locate and remove it. 


When we delete Role  from Locator search - > Privilege Roles -> All Roles -> it is deleting from only one SS,  Role belongs to SS is showing Information tab-> CA  Spectrum Modeling Information -> Landscape

As Role is not deleted form other SS, it is showing in the results tab and also showing correct SS information as well in the  Information tab. 


Release : 10.4


We need to delete Custom Role for each landscape from Location Search-> All Roles page 
We have another option i.e. "By Model Class", where we can delete a custom role from all landscapes single time as steps  below. 

1. Locator -> By Model Class -> Unknown ->  Click on OK  -> It will show all models part of the model class "Unknown"  
2. Type the required customer role in the search text -> Now table show only custom role part of all landscapes 
3. Now select the custom role on all landscapes and run delete action -> Then custom role will be deleted from all selected landscapes 

Note: Model class of Custom role is "Unknown"