Some Management Modules or Monitoring Options no longer available as part of the Enterprise Manager


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During the Enterprise Manager 10.7 installation the Monitoring Options for "CA APM for IBM WebSphere Application Server for Distributed Environments" and some others are not appearing anymore.


Some extensions were removed from the product in APM 10.3 version onwards due to low usage by end-users. This information can be found at the following link in our APM 10.3 Compatibility guide (click on the "What's New" tab in the excel sheet to locate this information):

CA Application Performance Management Compatibility Guides


Enterprise Manager 10.3 onwards


It might be possible to workaround this problem by copying or moving the relevant management modules from Enterprise Managers earlier than 10.3 to the Enterprise Managers 10.3 and later versions-
The installer places the files in the <EM_Home>\examples directory. To enable the dashboards, move the Management Module file to the directory where the Enterprise Manager recognizes it.

Follow these steps:
- Copy the relevant Management Modules jar files located in <EM_Home 10.2 or earlier>\examples\config\modules\ to the <EM_Home 10.3 or later>\config\modules directory.
- Copy the relevant Typeviewers xml files located in <EM_Home 10.2 or earlier>\examples\ext\ddtv\ to the <EM_Home 10.3 or later>\ext\ddtv\ directory.
- Copy the relevant Extensions jar files located in <EM_Home 10.2 or earlier>\examples\ext\ to the <EM_Home 10.3 or later>\ext\ directory.
- Restart the Enterprise Manager.
- The missing Monitoring Options might work now.

Please bear in mind that this is not officially supported.