Msg TSS9742E Storage Obtain Failed
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Msg TSS9742E Storage Obtain Failed


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Top Secret - VSE


Receive the above message when executing TSSCMNDB and TSS LIST(ACIDS) DATA(BASIC)



Release : 3.0

Component : CA Top Secret for z/VSE


If PTF RO20795 is already on your system then you should increase the partition size to a value that will allow you to create a voluminous report such as listing every ACID in the system.

Recommend  a ALLOC pid=20M

Where "pid" is your partition, example is ALLOC FB=20M 

TSSCMNDB TSS LIST jobs can require a lot of storage based on amount of data in your security file and the amount of data you are trying to TSS LIST.


There is no magic formula. You would issue a GETVIS FB command and look at the high water mark. Keep bumping up partition GETVIS until you dont keep getting close to running out of storage. TSS uses 31 bit storage so you should have plenty of that and not be afraid to increase storage for FB.