Is It Possible to Change an Attribute Filter From a Dropdown (List) to a Date Picker (Calendar) in Jaspersoft?


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Under Jaspersoft Domains, is it possible to change an attribute (e.g.: "Week" attribute) so that a date picker (calendar) is displayed when filtering, instead of a dropdown/list?


The type of the attribute cannot be changed and it depends on the underlying type of the attribute in the database.

In the earlier example, "Week" attribute comes from DWH_CMN_PERIOD_V.PERIOD_NAME (Type: VARCHAR2), therefore, it cannot be filtered with a calendar, as it it is for "DATE". The values that appear are the period names that already exist.

Another attribute, "Week Start Date" is based on DWH_CMN_PERIOD_V.PERIOD_START_DATE (Type: DATE), so this one will display the calendar in the filter.