Authenticating REST API for Portal Enabled SaaS Customers
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Authenticating REST API for Portal Enabled SaaS Customers


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Below is step by step approach on how to authenticate using TOKENS/API KEYS to Clarity PPM REST Protocol



Release : 15.7 and higher



1. Navigate to Administration -> System Options and ensure that "Enable API Based Key Access" is checked. 

2. Navigate to Clarity New UX. Example URL :-

3. Click on Administration -> API Keys to access API Keys.

4. Create a New Client by click on "+" icon. 


5. Click on your username on the Right hand corner of the screen to access API Keys option.

6. Create a New API Key for the Client created in step 4.

7. Once you are done entering the Client ID and API Key name you get a dialog box showing the API Key. Copy the API key and keep it safe. If this key is lost we need to recreate a new one as there is no option to retrieve it.

8. Open a REST API client (in this article we will use Postman).

9. We will do a simple request to get the Projects.

10. Select the Authorization type as "Bearer Token" and paste the API Key which we got on step 7.

11. Click on Headers, Add the key as "x-api-ppm-client" and populate the value with "client ID" or "code" highlighted in step 4. In this, example, the Client ID is api_support.

12. Coming to the request URL we will try a simple GET request for a list of projects. Example : In GCP system use /ppm context example

GCP systems on SSO should use :