Export to CSV not taking into account the user's regional settings for decimals
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Export to CSV not taking into account the user's regional settings for decimals


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Export to CSV not taking into account the user's regional settings for decimals. 

This can be reproduced on any version of Clarity. 
The same behaviour is observed on both Modern UX AND Classic PPM views. 
The Export to CSV is ignoring the locale of the user doing the export, and for decimals it is always using the period. 

The problem is when opening/importing the CSV file on a Microsoft Operating System/Excel with Spanish locale, the period is not considered as a decimal, being ignored. Hence, the numbers are showing as '1025' rather than '10,25' or '10.25'. 


1. Use an existing Clarity PPM user or set a new Clarity PPM user for the test 
     Configure the "Locale" on the Account Settings to Spanish 
     Account Settings: Personal Information 
     Locale: Spanish 

2. Use or add an attribute of type number in the Project object 
For instance, let's set up an attribute named 'Horas planificadas' 
Data Type: Number 
Decimal Places: 2 

3. Go to the Projects Grid View in the New UI 
Make sure to display the attribute of type Number in the Grid 

4. Make sure some values are displayed for the attribute 'Horas planificadas' 
Enter some value as 10,25 

Note: The values are properly shown as per the use's locale '10,25' rather than '10.25' 

 If the decimals are not being displayed, make sure the view options are properly set 
View Options icon next to the Grid Icon: NUMBER DECIMAL DISPLAY: 0.00 

5. Click on the 'Export to CSV' button (Down Arrow icon on the top left corner) 

6. Open using Notepad the .csv file being generated 

Expected Results: The values for the attribute 'Horas planificadas' to be exported with the Spanish locale ,'10,25' with a comma as the separator. 
Actual Results: The values for the attribute 'Horas planificadas' is exported with the English locale ,'10.25' with a period as the separator. 


Clarity PPM 15.x


This issue is reported as Defect DE51741


Pre 16.1.0

Our CSV export doesn't do any localization updates on export since we assume the client application that will read the CSV will apply the appropriate locale update - the primary client application reading this CSV would be Excel and it will apply the locale updates and there is no need for Clarity to do the overhead of doing locale checks on export.   The benefit of not doing the locale checks is that customers will get a faster export on their CSV. The same applies to the Money formatting. This is work as designed.   


As of 16.1.0 EXport to CSV takes user locale to export the data