"Could not save the view" Error When Using Custom Views on Project Board and Grids
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"Could not save the view" Error When Using Custom Views on Project Board and Grids


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The Modern / New User Experience (UX) is displaying error messages that cause the application not to function properly.

A 'Could not save the view' error keeps popping out when using custom views on the Project Board and grids causing data not to display. 


  1. Log in to the New UX
  2. Navigate to the Projects Grid
  3. Select a custom view: Example: My View#1
  4. Go to the Projects Board, then to the Projects Grid
  5. You might need to do some clicks through the icons
  6. You might need to do go to a different view and back 

Expected Results: The view to be applied and data to be displayed if anything needs to be returned.
Actual Results: Errors seen: "Could not load the view columns." or "Could not save the view. As a consequence data is not displayed."


Note: this can happen on other objects as well.


Parts of the issue were addressed in DE51385, DE59142 and through a user story


SE has provided a possible workaround for this issue. Please contact support to confirm this is the issue being faced and the queries for the workaround.

1. To identify the views:

SELECT v.id, v.name, v.type, v.owner, v.associated_instance_id, v.associated_object_type, v.view_mode, v.view_classifier, u.id AS user_id
FROM odf_ui_views v JOIN cmn_sec_users u ON v.owner = u.id
WHERE v.view_mode = 'UNSAVED' AND v.type = 'projects' AND u.user_name IN ('actual_user_name_here') 

2. To identify the personalization

SELECT p.* from cmn_ui_personalizations p
JOIN cmn_sec_users u ON u.id = p.user_id
AND p.component IN ('projects')
AND u.user_name IN ('actual_user_name_here') 

Based on the returned information, a series of update statements and delete statements will be generated to resolve the issue.

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