Can Automation Point and a Linux environment
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Can Automation Point and a Linux environment


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Automation Point


Can Automation Point 11.6 be run under Linux?


Release : 11.6

Component : Automation Point


Below is what could be found in the current Automation Point 11.6 documentation regarding Linux:

. The RequestService API and command line program can execute under the Linux operating system.

. In the areas of event monitoring and automation, you can simultaneously view and automate a Linux session.

. When utilizing the Automation Point RequestService Java API or command-line application, deploy Broadcom software on your remote client computer.

The RequestService client can be used on Windows, Linux, or z/OS computers.

. The Hardware Management Console (HMC) is a Linux workstation application featuring a graphical user interface (GUI) for operator access and console application programming interface (API) support for local and remote console applications.

The console API allows programmatic access for performing system maintenance for HMC-managed mainframe systems automatically.
The HMC controls and manages one or more mainframe systems through a local area network connection (LAN) to the associated Service Element (SE) for each mainframe system.

The Automation Point is Windows-based product.