CA Gen 8.6 certification with Oracle 18c and 19c
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CA Gen 8.6 certification with Oracle 18c and 19c


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Gen Gen - Workstation Toolset


What is the current certification status and future plans for CA Gen 8.6 with Oracle 18c and Oracle 19c?


Release : 8.6
Component : CA Gen Workstation Toolset


Oracle 18c is already certified for Gen 8.6 Windows applications under PTF release CA Gen 8.6 GA Complete (WKS86200/SO09618).
For Gen applications running under Unix/Linux no PTF is required and all that is needed is to relink the Gen DBMS shared library for Oracle (libae_oracle.*) using the ORACLE_HOME for 18c. This is documented on the Gen 8.6 techdocs page: Implementation Toolset > UNIX and Linux Implementation Toolset > Rebuilding DBMS Shared Libraries

Gen Product Management has advised that the latest status for additional Oracle 18c and 19c certifications are as follows:
a. Certification of Oracle 18c for the Gen 8.6 CSE will be bypassed in favour of Oracle 19c.
b. As of September 21, 2020, Oracle 19c is officially supported. No PTFs required for runtime. PTF CSN86204/SS14886 is required for Windows CSE
See Community announcement: Certification Complete: Oracle 19c for Runtime and CSE

Additional Information

CA Gen 8.6 applications/CSE & 8.5 CSE with Oracle Database 18c or 19c
CA GEN 8.6 > Technical Requirements > Third-Party Software Version
CA GEN 8.6 > Technical Requirements > Development Platform Environments

NOTE: There are no plans to certify the previous release CA Gen 8.5 with Oracle 18c or 19c.