Using UUID values with Additional Search Arguments
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Using UUID values with Additional Search Arguments


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When developing a where clause syntax for Additional Search Arguments, there is a specific syntax needed to write the necessary where clause, which differs slightly from the syntax one may use in developing a stored query.


Release : 17.3.X



Using an example of searching for a Change Order based on the affected_contact field, one could run:

active = 1 AND affected_contact = U'D89C98878F99FD428BBA4A9DB87FA8BE'

If one is  searching for Change Orders and drops down the search box to access the "Additional Search Arguments" field, one could use the above query to return all active CO's who name the given affected_contact by its UUID field.

It is important to note that there are no slashes required when using Additional Search Arguments to escape the single quotes. The slashes are needed if you are defining a stored query.  

If one were writing a stored query that returns the same content on a scoreboard node, the where clause on the scoreboard may read as:

active = 1 AND affected_contact = U\'D89C98878F99FD428BBA4A9DB87FA8BE\'