CA View/Deliver - Upgrade Questions, 12.2 to 14.0
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CA View/Deliver - Upgrade Questions, 12.2 to 14.0


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With CA View14.0 download, there is DVD file DVD0000000000961.pax.z:

 . Are View 14.0 and DRAS 14.0 packaged together, on the same pax file?

 . Are there any other pax files needed?

 . Can you provide some information on DRAS?

 . Are there any PTFs required for falling back to 12.2 from 14.0?



Release : 12.2

Component : CA View


In the DVD0000000000961.pax.z file are the following:

. CA View 14.0
. CA Deliver 14.0
. CA EBC 14.0
. CA MTC Content Viewer 14.0
. CA DRAS 14.0

There are no other pax files needed.

CA DRAS has existed for over 20 years, and it is the middleware between mainframe CCI and PC CCI, that allows for the use of CA Web Viewer to access a CA View/Dispatch/Bundl database.

There are no PTFs required if falling back from 14.0 to 12.2.