IDMS - DMA How to Delete the first EXTRACT statement ?
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IDMS - DMA How to Delete the first EXTRACT statement ?


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This is an EXTRACT for one Dialog and there are EXTRACT Statements. 


One is for DIALOG and one EXTRACT for the record that I am trying to migrate to the TARGET DICTIONARY. 


How do I get rid of the first EXTRACT for the USER=#######






Release : 19.0

Component : CA IDMS Dictionary Migrator


You can delete the 'Starting Point' for the first EXTRACT statement as follows: 

-     At the command line, of the same screen as in your picture type: SLIST 

-     Put a D next to the statement you wish to remove and delete it. 

-    At command line type 'SHOW'

Now you will see the first 'EXTRACT' statement has been removed. 

Note: The white spaces above should be replaced with the USER= value in the EXTRACT

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