Top Secret ABEND S0C3 Reason=00000003 MIMDRLOG.MIMDRLOG+335E
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Top Secret ABEND S0C3 Reason=00000003 MIMDRLOG.MIMDRLOG+335E


Article ID: 139695


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Top Secret





Release : 16.0

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


Review of your doc shows there was a timing issue, that  is way the resource name was not correct.  These entries are taken  from your SYSLOG. As one can see both MIM and TSS were basically initializing at the some time. It took the system 56 seconds to start initializing TSS, once entering the system.  This led to your problem. To prevent this from occurring in the future it is recommended that your start TSS as subsystem, which would cause TSS to start earlier in the IPL sequence. Reviewing the following link in TSS doc that describes how to start TSS as subsystem.




TSS entered the system:


SYSZ 19293 19:05:28.81 INTERNAL 00000290 S TSS 


CAMIMGR entered the system:


SYSZ 19293 19:05:43.34 00000291 IEF196I 1 //CAMIMGR JOB MSGLEVEL=1


TSS started to be initialized


SYSZ 19293 19:06:24.18 STC05359 00000291 $HASP373 TSS STARTED 


TSS up and running


SYSZ 19293 19:06:28.61 STC05359 00000090 *TSS9000I CA TOP SECRET 16.0 KO ACTIVE 


The security check for MIM that fails


SYSZ 19293 19:06:28.83 STC05369 00000090 TSS7257E Unauthorized Access Level for JESSPOOL <PERSTEST.+CAMIMGR.CAMIM