JDBC connections to API Gateway "ssg" database
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JDBC connections to API Gateway "ssg" database


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The JDBC configuration for OTK can be managed with the "Manage JDBC Connections" task in the Policy Manager, but the task cannot manage the number of connections the API Gateway to load and save policies and settings.
Are the Cluster-wide properties "jdbcConnection.pooling.maxPoolSize.defaultValue" and "jdbcConnection.pooling.minPoolSize.defaultValue" effective for the latter connections?

JDBC Cluster properties:


Release : 9.4

Component : API GATEWAY


Cluster-wide properties such as jdbcConnection.pooling.maxPoolSize.defaultValue aren't applied to the Gateway database (default name: ssg) connections because they are stored in the Gateway database for sharing among the Gateway nodes in the Cluster.
They aren't available when the Gateway is starting up.