Require local Confirmation parameter for Remote Control
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Require local Confirmation parameter for Remote Control


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CA Client Automation CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager


RC Require Local Confirmation parameter could be used to display a dialog box asking to confirm the Remote Control on Host machine.

Where and how configure this parameter ?


Client Automation - 14.x


Remote Control parameter "Require Local confirmation" could be configured at 2 levels :

1- At computer level using a configuration policy :

DSM/Remote Control/Host/General/Require local confirmation


Possible value : True or False (default)

2- At RC Permissions level. Permissions set on user which is taking control of host machine.

There are 3 possible values :

Allow                   “Require Local Confirmation” is asked

Not Defined         Nothing is specified

Deny                     “Require Local Confirmation” is denied

When we take control of a machine following is checked for this parameter :

1- Host machine checks in its comstore if parameter "Require Local Confirmation" is set to TRUE. If yes, dialog box "Require Local Confirmation" is displayed

If parameter is set to FALSE, then second checking is made :

2- RCManager does a compilation of all RC rights of user which is taking control of computer (groups and user permissions).

There is following rule :

"Allow" and "Deny" wins over "Not Defined"

"Deny" wins over "Allow"

If User has Allow permission for "Require Local Confirmation", the dialog box is displayed.

Example :

User abcd belongs to groups « groupe a » and « groupe b »

« groupe a » has Allow for « Require Local Confirmation »

group b has Deny for « Require Local Confirmation »

When user abcd is taking control of a computer, "Require Local Confirmation" dialog box does not appear.

Deny value of group b wins over Allow value of group a