How can Spectrum Alarm Notifier data be debugged?
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How can Spectrum Alarm Notifier data be debugged?


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


When looking at the alarm data that Alarm Notifier is processing, how can we debug the alarm info that Spectrum is passing to AlarmNotifier? 

We do not want to debug the SANM filtering, we need to debug the alarm set update and clear.


Release : 20.2.x

Component : SPCAPP - Spectrum Applications


Add the following line to the $SPECROOT/Notifier/.alarmrc:


Stop and restart the AlarmNotifier process. The alarm information will output to the NOTIFIER.OUT (or your custom output file if you specified another).

IMPORTANT:   AlarmNotifier debugging should not be left enabled for a prolonged period of time as it will use all available disk space on the file system.   

Be sure to DISABLE the debug debug_gas=false once you have collected adequate information from the trace logs.

To debug the SetScript, you can add this entry to the second line of the SetScript:

set -x

Or, if you want verbose output:

set -xv


Additional Information

To see what parameters are being passed to the notifier script the following line can be added
   on the second or third line after the shell directive

echo "Params Passed: $@"