Times showing in SCMSYS field LastUpdt are wrong after the time change.
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Times showing in SCMSYS field LastUpdt are wrong after the time change.


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SYSVIEW Performance Management Global Subsystem (GSS)


After DST changes, when entering the SCMSYS, System Condition Monitor panel of SYSVIEW, the LastUpdt field is showing 1 hour ahead as if it did not pick up the time change.  However, the TIME command returns the correct value.

TIME001I The time is 08:36:32 and the date is 2019/11/04


Cmd Name                Description                    |  Type     Msgs   Items   LastUpdt 
___ WLM             Workload Manager                 MVS                     4     09:34:38 
___ OPERATOR Operations overview                                          11     09:36:38 
___ PRS1            DB2 - PRS1                            DB2                     5     09:36:38  
___ ALERTS       CICS Alerts Overview             CICSPLEX         26     09:34:38 
___ ENQUEUES Enqueue Conflicts                  MVS                     1     09:35:38 


SYSVIEW 14.2, SYSVIEW 15.0, SYSVIEW 16.0  - GSS (Common Services 14.1, Common Services 15.0)


The controlling factor in SCM is GSS. The SCM command gets it data from GSS. GSS does not continue to check the CPU time once it is initialized. It keeps its own internal running clock once it is brought up. Some IMODS utilize the GSS internal clock to wake up or perform a specific function. 


GSS needs to be recycled when Day Light savings time changes occur.


Additional Information

For additional info about SYSVIEW and DST changes see: https://ca-broadcomcsm.wolkenservicedesk.com/wolken/esd/knowledgebase_list?articleId=38328