CA WA Agent : Check network connectivity to Manager
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CA WA Agent : Check network connectivity to Manager


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Workload Automation Agent CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries) CA Workload Automation AE - System Agent (AutoSys)


CA WA Agent appears as down or offline on the manager side.


Release: Any

Component: CA Workload Automation


Check to make that there is proper network connectivity between agent and manager.  The manager and agent listen on different ports and connect to each other to communicate messages. 

Defaults:  7507 for manager/schedulers, 7520 for WA Agent.  They may be changed during installation.


The following may be used to test the connection from Agent to Manager and vice-versa.  Get the IP/host address of the manager and the listening port.  This information is also available from agentparm.txt from the following lines

communication.manageraddress_1=        <-- Note: The address maybe a hostname or IP




Open Powershell.   In the PS prompt enter the following command

Test-NetConnection <IP_address> -Port <port_number>


PS C:\>Test-NetConnection  -Port 7507


If connection is successful, the following output will be displayed


ComputerName     : 

RemoteAddress    : 

RemotePort       : 7520

InterfaceAlias   : Ethernet

SourceAddress    :

TcpTestSucceeded : True           <---Successful



Connect to Linux/UNIX host.  As root, enter the following command.


cat < /dev/tcp/host/port


cat < /dev/tcp/ /7520


If the connection takes place then blank line or service name will be seen.  Press CTRL-C to break and return to prompt.


If the connection fails, the following message is displayed.


cat < /dev/tcp/ /7090

-bash: connect: Connection refused

If the connection is refused then check firewall or any network appliance to make sure the ports are open.

Additional Information

Note: In Linux/UNIX, the nc can also be used.  If nc is installed, then issue the following command:

nc -v host port

nc -v 7520