Process Automation binding to wrong IP address
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Process Automation binding to wrong IP address


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CA Process Automation Base


In environments where a server has two Network bindings, it may be observed that the server is taking the wrong server address - for instance, if there is a Primary and Secondary network card.

To see if this is occurring, look at the output of "netstat -a". The java.exe process will be listed with the IP address bound to the port for listening; by default on 8080 for HTTP, 8443 for HTTPS.

For example:

TCP              LISTENING       12345

The above IP is (as per the output) bound to this port which is listening on process 12345, an example PID for the java application.


Release : 4.3.X

Component : Process Automation


Process Automation will take the first listed network connection by default; usually the simplest solution here is to reverse their name order.

If this is not possible, then in PAM\server\c2o\bin\c2osvcw.conf you will find the line

You can hardcode it there instead of - this does make the configuration less portable, which is why it is recommended to change the bind order if possible. In addition, you can then add the following to the to set the IP for JBOSS:


so in the case of one server that's


and then on the other