WA Agent: Jobs failing with "Create process failed for"
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WA Agent: Jobs failing with "Create process failed for"


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Windows jobs failing with the "create process failed for" and "error code 5" or "insufficient privileges".



Release : 11.x/12.x

Component : CA Workload Automation System Agent


The Users in Windows may require specific permissions and rights to be able to run jobs via CA WA Agent.  When a job is submitted as User to the agent, the Agent will have to become that user and run the job.  If the user permissions are restricted then the job(s) will fail.


Allow the following permissions should be added to the user defined the job.  Check the job definition(s) in the manager/scheduler side for exact username.


On the Windows computer that is running WA Agent, select Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy.

In the Local Security Settings window, expand Local Policies, click User Rights Assignments, and then right-click the following list of permissions and select Properties.  

Click Add User or Group.


Act As A Part Of The Operating System

Access This Computer From The Network

Logon As A Service

Increases Quota or Adjust memory quotas for a process 

Logon As A Batch Job

Log On Locally

Replace A Process Level Token  


The following permission may also be needed:

Replace Create A Token Object / Create a Global Object 

Impersonate a client after Authentication  

Take ownership of files and other objects


In some new Windows OS 2016 and above,  the Administrator will need to grant these two permissions as well:



Restart the machine.