How to re-assign the owner of an on-demand report
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How to re-assign the owner of an on-demand report


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We had an operator leave recently that had created many custom 'on-demand-reports'.

How can I re-assign the 'owner' to another individual?

How do I change the owner of an on-demand report? 

Change owner of on-demand report templates


Release : 3.7

Realese : 20.2

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


1. Run the following and get the userid of the user that left<OLD_USERID> and the userid <NEW_USERID> of the new owner .

$ mysql -unetqos -p <PASSWORD> netqosportal
mysql> select UserID,Name from user_definitions;

2. Then update the report_definitions tables userid with the new one.

mysql> update report_definitions set Userid=<NEW_USERID> where userid=<OLD_USERID>;

After changing the owner if you run the report and it gives you a "Page <PAGEID> is missing". This means the report was saved for "My User Account" and not "For All Tenant Users" and this requires a couple more steps for full access.

4. Update model_properties with new userid.

mysql> update model_properties set userid=<NEW_ID> where userid=<OLD_ID> and pageid =<PAGEID>;

5. Update page_info2 with the new userid 

mysql> update page_info2 set userid=<NEW_ID> where userid=<OLD_ID> and pageid=<PAGEID>;


If the user has already been deleted from CAPC, you may not have the old userid.

In this case, you can update all orphaned reports at once:

First, verify how many orphaned reports exist:

select * from report_definitions where userid not in (select userid from user_definitions)\G

Once you understand the scope, if you wish to assign them all to one user:

update report_definitions set Userid=<USERID> where UserID not in (select UserID from user_definitions);








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