DB004065 overlapping page range but range does not overlap
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DB004065 overlapping page range but range does not overlap


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ALTER AREA to assign a new page range gives the following error:

DB004065 Tnnn C-4M6016: AREA segment.area-name pages 15415001 THRU  16700000 duplicate or overlapping  

But based on LOOK DMCL there is no overlap.

The highest used page range in the segment and page-group shows 

segment.AREA-31         5       13,000,001  14,620,000 


Release: All supported releases.


The area with the highest page range in the segment was defined with a MAXIMUM SPACE clause that was much larger than the PRIMARY SPACE clause.

Even though the PRIMARY SPACE defined a page range that ended well before the starting page range being specified for the area being ALTERed, the MAXIMUM SPACE clause for the prior area took it beyond the starting page range that was being assigned.

In the Usage section of the DATABASE ADMINISTRATION manual, it states the following:

The range of pages reserved for an area is defined by the FROM PAGE parameter in conjunction with the MAXIMUM SPACE parameter. T

his page range must not overlap the page range for:


  • Any other area contained in the segment
  • Any other area in a DMCL in which the area's segment is included if the page groups are the same