UIM - Hub login failed
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UIM - Hub login failed


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


If you are using UIM v9.1.0 or UIM v9.2.0 with hub version 9.10 or higher, this is a known issue and there is a published hotfix.

The login information in UIM uses an encryption mechanism that includes current date and time. For a given date/time when the issue occurs, the encryption is producing a login string starting with NULL character '\0'. Due to this, crypto_mode is not able to be determined, and hub login will fail and/or you will see java-based probes failing. 

The hub logs may show the following errors: 

hub: (nimDecrypt) detecting mode from decoded string failed.

hub: nimCryptographerDecryptPDS: error: 4

hub: (nimDecrypt) detecting mode from decoded string failed.

hub: login - data missing from request (##.##.##.##)

The Infrastructure Manager (IM) may show the following error: 

Login failed

The user name or password is incorrect. Letters must be typed using the correct case. Make sure that the Caps Lock is not accidentally on. 

Versions of hubs affected:

   - hub 9.10 and prior hotfixes

   - hub 9.20 and prior hotfixes


Release: UIM 9.1.0 and UIM 9.2.0

Component: hub 9.10 and prior hotfixes & hub 9.20 and prior hotfixes


Apply the appropriate hotfix based on the hub version in UIM 9.1.0 and UIM 9.2.0 environments.

The following hotfixes are released. As a general practise, all the older hotfixes for a given version are rolled-up into the latest hotfixes.

- hub-9.20HF6 or later

- hub_secure-9.20SHF6 or later

- hub-9.10HF4 or later

- hub_secure-9.10SHF4 or later

Fixes are available here, CA Unified Infrastructure Management Hotfix Index: ( link updated 6 July 2020 )



If the Primary hub is down due to this issue, please do the following before deploying the fix:

Take a backup of the system.

1. Roll the Primary hub server time back (5-7 hours prior to issue occurring). 

2. Restart the Primary hub nimsoft robot watcher service. 

3. Access the Primary hub via IM and deactivate the Primary hub data_engine probe (to prevent any time issues with QOS data). 

4. Follow the "Resolution" mentioned above. 

5. Reset the time and confirm the issue is resolved. 

6. Reactive the data_engine and deactivate/restart any probes that require the data_engine to be active (i.e. ems, nas etc will fail to start)



Download the attached hub_binary.zip.

Transfer this to the primary hub system and then follow these steps:

1. stop the Nimbus service (e.g. service nimbus stop)

2. rename the current hub binary (e.g. mv /opt/nimsoft/hub/hub hub_old    )

3. unzip the hub_binary.zip and place the 'hub' binary in /opt/nimsoft/hub/

4. make it executable (chmod +x /opt/nimsoft/hub/hub)

5. start the Nimbus service (e.g. service nimbus start)

6. If the hub probe doesn't start, manually run /opt/nimsoft/hub/hub

7. Log in to IM and open the primary hub

8. right-click the hub probe and choose 'Security->Validate'.

9. Hit CTRL-C to stop the manually running hub process

10. Stop and Start the nimbus service once more.

This will bring the primary hub back online at version 7.96.  This should allow you to log into IM, and deploy the hub 9.20HF6 successfully.


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