Cisco ACI alarms not being cleared in VNA
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Cisco ACI alarms not being cleared in VNA


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CA Virtual Network Assurance


After integrating Spectrum and CA Virtual Network Assurance and setting up the Cisco ACI plugin alarms that were cleared in Cisco APIC were not being cleared in VNA and they were regenerated in Spectrum when VNA was rebooted. 


Release : 3.6

Component : Virtual Network Assurance For CA Spectrum


The reason the Cisco ACI alarms were never cleared from CA Virtual Network Assurance is b/c a squelch policy was applied on the CIsco APIC for these alarms. You must make sure all alarms are cleared in the Cisco APIC before applying a squelch policy or the Cisco APIC will never send the clear alarm to VNA. 


 The alarms need to be manually cleared from the Cisco APIC and then a clear will be sent to the VNA for that alarm and it will be removed from the notification table. This is an issue with Cisco APIC. When a squelch policy is applied to an alarm on the Cisco APIC if any alarms exist in the Cisco APIC a clear for that alarm will never be sent to VNA.