Increase row count for on-demand reports
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Increase row count for on-demand reports


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 I created an on-demand report, but there is a limitation, we can see only 250 rows but I need more than that. Is there a way to increase the limit or any other method?


All supported releases


1. Log in to the NetOps Portal Linux shell

2. Run the following command
mysql -unetqos -p<password> ----> this will connect you to mysql   (The password is whatever was set by the user during installation/upgrade)

3. Now run the following command
replace INTO netqosportal.general(Attribute,Value) VALUES ('OnDemand.MaxTotalTableSelected.Limit', 500);

4. Ensure the value is set properly:
select * from netqosportal.general where attribute like 'OnDemand.MaxTotalTableSelected.Limit';

5. Restart the CAPC console process

systemctl stop caperfcenter_console
systemctl start caperfcenter_console

Additional Information

Note : It will consume more memory in DA/DM/PC to store the RIB call results for more than 1000 rows, and this will affect performance at all other levels.

The higher you set the row limit, the more resources are used as you run it against more items. Careful not to raise the value too high to avoid performance issues.

The above steps should be used with caution