SYSVIEW Hiper SO10630 SO10629 SO10214 with IBM APAR OA58301
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SYSVIEW Hiper SO10630 SO10629 SO10214 with IBM APAR OA58301


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Is it OK to put Hiper SO10630 on prior to IBM's APAR OA58301 ?  This APAR does not have a fix yet... target date is Mar 2020 for the fix.  Your HIPER indicates that both are related.

Just want some clarity before I apply anything. Want to make sure 'ALL' is applied in correct sequence.


Release : 14.2

Component : SYSVIEW


Abend S1C5 reason 000F0009 was observed in the
system logger address space, IXGLOGR. After which, other address
spaces that were calling system logger services experienced hangs.

Undue stress to the system logger may cause instability in the system

The CA Fix references IBM APAR OA58301, for which has no fix yet, with a targeted resolution date in March 2020.  


Hyper Fixes SO10214, SO10629 and SO10630, for CA SYSVIEW releases 16.0, 15.0, and 14.2 respectively, should be applied immediately and are not dependent upon the solution being created by IBM for their APAR OA58301.     We also encourage customers to apply the IBM fix once it becomes available.  

Additional Information

From our fix:

SYSVIEW utilizes system logger services to read from and write to z/OS
log streams. For various reasons, the system logger may suffer from a
component error. For example, forcing the IXGLOGR address space may
cause a caller to a logger service to be presented with a return code
indicating a component error. When SYSVIEW encounters this error
condition, it continues to call system logger services assuming system
logger will eventually return to normal operation. The continued
attempts to use system logger services while it is under the component
error condition may cause undue stress to the system logger, and
potentially other consumers of system logger services.

This fix will temporarily suspend system logger calls made by SYSVIEW
when a system logger component error is detected to better guarantee
the stability of the system logger.

Related to this problem is IBM system logger APAR OA58301. There are
situations when the system logger does not return appropriate return
and reason codes to indicate a component error, when in fact one
occured. It is strongly advised to apply the fix for OA58301 in
addition to this fix to ensure proper functioning between SYSVIEW and
the system logger.