CA View - When Unzipping Product File Receive CAZIP06W Message
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CA View - When Unzipping Product File Receive CAZIP06W Message


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Deliver View


The client was seeking to download CA View/Deliver/Content Viewer/DRAS 14.0 and obtained a file containing that and more. 

They were able to process smaller files, but received this error when trying to unzip the file they downloaded from the Broadcom Support site:

 . CAZIP06W: Unknown Solution Found DVD0000000000961.pax.z encountered. Contact CA Support.

   EZA1701I >>> RETR                                                 

   SC4682 SETCEC code = 9                                                         

   EZA2589E Connection to server interrupted or timed out. Initial IPv6 connection

   EZA1721W Server not responding, closing connection.                            


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


Provided client the View/Deliver/Convent Viewer/DRAS 14.0 product file only (DVD0000000000961.pax.z), which they successfully downloaded and installed. 

The file was obtained from the Broadcom Support site, under Download Management, for "CA View MVS 14.0". 

Clicking on "CA View MVS 14.0" takes you to a list of files that can be downloaded. 

Select the DVD0000000000961.pax.z file to download.