CA Datacom/DB databases are not opening at CICS startup
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CA Datacom/DB databases are not opening at CICS startup


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In the CICS region, the CA Datacom/DB databases are coded with AUTO=###... so that they will open when the first request against them is processed. 

However, there is a CICS region where they are not opened automatically, and we need to manually issue a DBOC OPEN=### command for them. What is the problem?


Release : all

Component : CA DATACOM/DB



To resolve this problem:

1. Confirm that the DBCVTPR macro is in use as expected. In the CICS region, issue DBOC INQ=GENOPTS and confirm that the expected AUTO= entries include the subject database.

2. If the DBCVTPR is correct, check the CICS log to ensure that the Datacom CICS Services processing ran during PLTPI phases. If you have coded DFHPLT TYPE=ENTRY,PROGRAM=DCCOCPR in the second part of the PLTPI (following DFHDELIM), you should see a message in the CICS region:

DFHSI8430I A11ICICA About to link to PLT programs during the third stage of initialization.  

DC00118I - CA Datacom CICS Services 15.1 STARTED BY         PLT                              

If this DC* message is missing, then it is likely that the PLTPI does not have the entries needed. Edit and assemble the PLTPI member (CTS 5.3 and below), or edit the PLTPI source member in DFHTABLE and add the appropriate entries (CTS 5.4 and above).

Additional Information

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.