PAM: Database Operator with Oracle Encryption - ORA-12650
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PAM: Database Operator with Oracle Encryption - ORA-12650


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CA Process Automation Base


All of our Oracle databases recently turned on encryption in-transit and since then a process that was using the database operator to query an Oracle database has been failing.  I get an error "Could not connect to the database;  - Oracle Error ORA-12650".  I see in the documentation that the database operator supports certain encryption methods and checksums to use in the connection URL and I confirmed that the encryption algorithm is AES256 and the checksum should be set to REQUIRED.  I see that AES256 is listed in the documentation but when I try to modify the operator with these values I now get a new error "Could not connect to the database;  - - Unknown Authentication, Encryption or Data Integrity algorithm".  I need some help troubleshooting and validating that this is supported with PAM.



Release : 4.3.02 CP03

Component : Process Automation


In the Connection URL in the DB operator client has set the following:

Oracle Driver Type: thin 

Oracle Client Encryption: "AES256"

Oracle Client Checksum: "Required

To fix the issue we set the following for Oracle Client Checksum:  "SHA1"

Once client checksum was set to SHA1 the operators connected and ran properly.