Best practices on Active/Failed/Aborted processes for Clarity Upgrade
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Best practices on Active/Failed/Aborted processes for Clarity Upgrade


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When upgrading Clarity there is an warning on processes in checkinstall. Is it mandatory to delete the Aborted or Errored process instances before the upgrade? What are the recommendations?


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Best practices for Processes before Upgrade:

  1. Make sure all your Active processes are put on Hold
  2. Keep a note of which processes were Active so you reenable them back after a successful upgrade
  3. Check how many processes you have in Completed and Error on the Initiated tab in Administration - Processes
  4. Any processes you don't need in Initiated, Cancel and Abort
  5. Then run the job Delete Process Instance - if you have many thousands then do it in monthly increments to avoid a large load on the system
  6. Once you've performed the cleanup, you can start the upgrade

If you have a small amount of Failed or Aborted that should not typically fail a Clarity upgrade, however following the above best practices is highly recommended, specifically for Production environments.