COM Connector and Catalyst container in an ESAE environment
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COM Connector and Catalyst container in an ESAE environment


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


We want to install a Catalyst Container / SCOM Connector instance on a connector machine which is part of an ESAE (Enhanced Security Administrative Environment) (Microsoft Design Approach). The responsible colleagues for this environment need to know in detail, which information is collected and send by the connector and for what reason a user of the SCOM Administrator Group is needed.

Best case for them would be to have a remote session with a SCOM Connector expert who can answer these questions and show where information like user passwords etc. are saved on the system.


Release : 4.2

Component : Service Operations Insight (SOI) Manager


As per the documentation below are the details.

1. The CA Catalyst Connector for MS SCOM needs one SCOM user with the administrator level permission.

The CA Catalyst Connector for MS SCOM uses the Operation manager SDK to access data from the SCOM server. The Operation Manager SDK requires administrator level permission to access certain data such as Alert.

2. CA Connector for MS SCOM correlate, reconcile, and synchronize MS SCOM entities as the USM entities across CA SOI.

The connector has the inbound and outbound policies that translates USM standardized data types from or to the following MS SCOM entities:


The Catalyst and SCOM connector has not been tested yet in an ESAE environment.