AlertMap Files - Entries with Trap OID 0.x
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AlertMap Files - Entries with Trap OID 0.x


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CA Spectrum


We are observing below entries in AlertMap files wherein Trap OID is in format 0.x.

Could you please explain/share supporting documentation on how spectrum interprets such Trap OIDs. We didnt find details about the same in docops

0.0               0x00010013,0)\


1.0               0x00010014

4.0               0x00010017,0)\


5.0               0x00010018,0)


Release : 10.3

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


Spectrum is designed this way to handle the Generic  (non Vendor Specific) Traps.


The trap codes that displayed from 0.0 to 5.0 represent the Generic Trap Codes that are non Vendor Specific.

coldStart TRAP-TYPE       ::= 0

warmStart TRAP-TYPE       ::= 1

linkDown TRAP-TYPE        ::= 2

linkUp TRAP-TYPE          ::= 3

authenticationFailure TRAP-TYPE       ::= 4

egpNeighborLoss TRAP-TYPE             ::= 5

As you can see each of these traps are noted as 0 through 5 which represent the traps that are found in Spectrum that are from the Generic Traps.

Additional Information

Under heading : 2.2.2. Generic-Traps for use with the SNMP