Adding a splash screen to OM Web Viewer 12.1 so it displays prior to Login
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Adding a splash screen to OM Web Viewer 12.1 so it displays prior to Login


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Output Management Web Viewer


How to add a splash page to Web Viewer 12.1 so it displays prior to the Web Viewer login page.


  • Output Management Web Viewer 12.1
  • MS Word


This is the way it works:

  1. If any required/important messages must be displayed before a user logs on to OM Web Viewer, add a file to the "config" directory:
    C:\Program Files\CA\CA_OM_Web_Viewer\config 
  2. This file must in HTML format, therefore regular ASCII line feeds are not supported.
  3. The name of the file must be specialLogonInstructions.html.  Image files may also be included in the config directory if the html file specifies them.
  4.  The contents of this file will appear below the login screen requiring the User to click on the "OK" button of the dialog. After that is performed, the User can enter their  credentials.
  5. This dialog will appear in the following cases:
     a) Initial logon
     b) After a timeout, and the user attempts to log back in
  6.  This dialog will NOT appear if the user enters invalid credentials.


IMPORTANT:  This feature will function only if you have selected External Configuration in the ConfigTool.

Now, when you bring up OM Web Viewer it will show the login screen and below it the banner file. You cannot proceed unless you click OK at the bottom 

This feature was added to Web Viewer in SO01856 Cumulative Build 185 for v12.1 and is included in any build higher than that.

VERY IMPORTANT.  The SPLASH Screen was found to be vulnerable and updated in LU09689 Security or Integrity Problem (Cumulative Build 239) and above
This impacted how it works.  Now:

The text is streamed to the browser through a hidden HTML iframe. As the default size is very small (around 300 pixels), it is necessary to specify the required dimensions in the specialLogonInstructions.html file. In the first line, use the keywords Height and Length to specify the required height and length of the IFRAME.
The keywords are case-sensitive but the order does not matter.
An anchor with an href, for example <a href="webViewer.htm">Web Viewer</a> might not work in LU09689 Security or Integrity Problem (Cumulative Build 239) or later.


Additional Information

TIP: You may create the .html file from an MS Word document by saving it as an HTML file.  Any embedded images will be saved separately in a subdirectory.