Spectrum UIM integration: mapping UIM Informational/Warning alarms to Normal severity in Spectrum using spectrumgtw probe
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Spectrum UIM integration: mapping UIM Informational/Warning alarms to Normal severity in Spectrum using spectrumgtw probe


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Spectrum


Customers can integrate UIM 9.x and later with Spectrum 10.3.x and later, using the spectrumgtw 8.67 probe (or later).  See the spectrumgtw release notes for the appropriate version to use with your version of Spectrum.

Looking in the docs for the spectrumgtw probe, there is a section that outlines a certain severity mapping that is in place for the alarms:

Broadcom TechDocs : CA UIM Probes - Support for Customized Alarms

However, what if if its required to map UIM informational and warning severities to a normal severity in spectrum, instead of generating an event?

The TechDocs section linked above called "Support for Customized Alarms" states:

'The spectrumgtw 8.65 version is enhanced to allow CA Spectrum users to handle the customization (changing the severity) for UIM alarms in CA Spectrum. For example, alarms with 'Information' severity on UIM can be mapped with different severity in CA Spectrum.'

However, the documentation does not show how to do this, instead advising to set two parameters to 'yes' in the config, but not specifying in detail how the severity mapping may be changed.

How should this be done?

Additionally, can we differentiate between Informational and Warning, or filter out Informational?


UIM 9.1.0 and later
Spectrum 10.3.2 and later
spectrumgtw 8.67 and later


UIM Informational and Warning alarms are mapped as events and these will be received with severity varbind (Level: {S 101}) value as "0" from spectrumgtw probe to Spectrum.
Even though we can generate alarms by changing the mapping, still events will be created for the corresponding models.

Please perform below steps to map Informational/Warning events in Spectrum.

-Deactivate Spectrumgtw probe.

-Open spectrumgtw.cfg file in spectrumgtw probe installed location (Nimsoft\probes\gateway\spectrumgtw). Set the values of enable_custom_alarms and map_multiple_severities to yes. After changes it will look like as below. Save and close the file. 

enable_custom_alarms = yes
map_multiple_severities = yes

-Open Event configuration window from Spectrum OneClick console (Tools > Utilities > Event Configuration). Click on the 'Browse' button and locate alarm cause code 0x06330071 that is using "Nimsoft/UIMSeverity" mapping file for generating alarm. (This is the event for "spectrumgtw probe" events - updating this event will allow all alarms from UIM to sync properly.)

-Change Severity to 'Conditional' and click 'Configure'

-Click on "Configure..." button in "Alarms" tab of the event to open a new window. Select "UIMSeverity" from the new window and click on "Edit" button.

-In "EC: Edit" window, enter a '0' in the 'Value' field and set 'Severity' to 'Minor'.

-Click 'Add'.

-Click 'OK'.  

-Close the Event Configuration Window and it will ask you to save. Select 'Yes'.

-Open the Event Configuration Window one more time.

-Add 0x06330071 to the 'Show' Window:

Selecting the (Global) entry > Event Rule > click on the edit icon.

-Drop to the bottom and highlight the item for the level 1 alarm and click on the copy button:

-This will bring up a duplicate of the level 1. We then want to change the value to 0, select the Modify Criterion button, and OK

-Select the level 0 item and move it above level 1 (it will be at the bottom of the list):

-Close out of Alert Configuration > select to save 'Yes'

A file with name "UIMSeverity" will be created under:


-Open the file and verify the mappings are correct. (This may not get created with Spectrum 10.4)

-Open the OneClick administration page, select 'Update Event and Alarm Files' and click on 'Reload' button.

-Open the OneClick console > select Universe > select the List tab > select the item with the 'VNM' Type

-Select the Information tab in the 'Component Detail' section

-Select 'SpectroSERVER Control' and click on 'Update Event Configuration'.

Once completed, close and reopen the OneClick console.

-Start Spectrumgtw probe.

Now any Informational and Warning alarms generated in UIM, will be mapped according to the severity we have mapped in Spectrum

Additional Information

Spectrum cannot differentiate between Informational and Warning alarms in UIM since both are mapped to Severity 0.  In some cases you may wish to filter out Informational alarms from being displayed in Spectrum, and only allow Warning alarms through.

To accomplish this:

-Open the spectrumgtw configuration and add a filter like the following to the 'uim_alarm_filters' section, and save.

Now Spectrum should not receive "Informational" alarms.

Also, please see  the "Filter CA UIM Alarms" section from below URL: