How to Migrate/Move SOI to New Servers
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How to Migrate/Move SOI to New Servers


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


We have a Manager server, UI server, Connector server,  plus an SQL Cluster (2 nodes – Active/Passive).

We have a corporate mandate to move applications running on Windows 2008 servers to Windows 2016 servers. This is not an OS Upgrade on the same machine. These new servers will have different names and IPs. Is there documentation on how to move/migrate all the SOI servers for this scenario? We are planning to upgrade to SOI 4.2. Does it make any difference in the steps if we do this migration to 4.2 first before migrating to the new Win 2016 servers?


Release : 4.0

Release : 4.2

Component : Service Operations Insight (SOI) Manager


  • Since you are going to have new SQL cluster you'll have to have this functional before moving to steps below. Your DBA will be able to help you in restoring the SAMStore.

  • Download SOI 4.2 + latest patch + the new latest connector's that supports AdoptOpenJDK

  • Backup the SOI folder's from UI, SOI manager and connector's. The folder contains all necessary customization that you have done over the years and needs to be copied over once SOI is installed on your new server

  • Backup the SAMStore DB in SQL. SAMStore is the default SOI DB unless you have named it to something else

  • Install SOI on new server. During SOI installation the installer will ask if you want to use and existing DB or not, select use existing DB.  Please note that the old servers should be disconnected prior to connecting the new servers to the database.

  • Make sure to apply the latest SOI 4.2 patch as well.

  • Verify all is up and running and you see all your escalation policy/action, alert queues etc..

  • Install the connector's on new server's. Since your new SOI manager will be using existing DB you'll see the connector's from your old SOI manager listed in SOIUI. Once you have the new connector's installed and publishing data (CI/Alerts) you can remove the old connector's from SOIUI\Administration page.

  • At this point you may want to purge some old data from SAMStore DB, purge db inconsistencies and reindex the tables using the soitoolbox. You'll find details of soitoolbox in SOI guide and you can also run soitoolbox --help from its path to see the usage.

  • Manually import your customization from your old SOI folder

Please note these steps above should be used as guidelines with proper system backup. Actual steps may be environment specific and it is highly recommended to engage our services partner at HCL for initial evaluation of the environment and steps needed.